Minneapolis, MN (September 8, 2017) – On the heels of International Overdose Awareness Day which takes place globally every August 31, The Micah House, a chemical dependent treatment and recovery center located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has begun a campaign in the community to educate and raise awareness of the opioid epidemic that is currently affecting many families.  “Addiction is a symptom of many other problems.  No one just wakes up and says, I want to be an addict. Honestly, most people are unaware of this epidemic until it directly affects their families,” states CEO/Founder William Lockett. “Here at The Micah House, we have a 24 hour supervised facility with the resources to assist the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul through our numerous programs including drug treatment, psycho educational mental health, anger management and our 12-step meetings. “We just want to be as visible and utilized in the community as much as possible,” he adds.

Recently, the CDC announced that a $28.6 million dollar grant was approved for 44 states to assist in combatting the opioid crisis. With Minnesota being one of the states that the grant money is to be dispersed, The Micah House will be fully engaged in utilizing their relationship with the community to effectively help in bringing a change to the most recent opioid epidemic. “Our goal of The Micah House is to promote chemical health while alleviating the wide array of disparities that individuals experience while in recovery. Our programs are designed to address the needs of the whole person; spirituality, physically, and economically in a culturally diverse environment,” replied COO Dr. Deb Moses. “We have the ability to not only hit the pavement in advising the community of our resources, but would love the opportunity to work with the local television networks and radio stations and be an active correspondent with the knowledge we have.”

According to the CDC, nationally deaths from opioid overdoses have increased by 200 percent since 2000, but in Minnesota alone, opioid deaths have increased by 430 percent since 2000, with the biggest categories being affected said to be women and Native Americans. The Micah House is currently looking to partner with the Overdose Prevention in States (OPIS) programs in order to assist in carrying out their initiatives in the community, as well as partnering up with the National Governors Association (NGA) in implementing strategies to expand access to opioid addiction treatment. “In January of this year, there was a law that the Minnesota Legislature passed to be able to obtain the opiate overdose reversal drug Naloxone (Narcan) without a prescription from a doctor. We are doing our best to assist in spreading the word so that the community is aware of this change. It’s one of the ongoing strategies for preventing overdose deaths that people need to know about,” says Lockett.  “We are also in the works of partnering with local law enforcement officials to have The Micah House be a location where residents can drop off their unused prescription drugs that might otherwise be used on the street,” mentions Lockett.

For more information, The Micah House can be reached via or (612) 314-2460.

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About The Micah House

Opened in December in 2014, The Micah House addresses the whole person, not just the addiction, whether it is drug or alcohol. Rehabilitation addresses relapse prevention, mental and physical health, and individual counseling. Their oath is for all those who enter this house of sanctuary, giving no regards to race or religion, are bonded by a common thread and struggle; life.  We are all connected to each other like the links of a chain, no one more or less important than the other.  We are all responsible for the uplifting of one another; so unity, peace, love, and prosperity is unto all who pass through these doors of opportunity, the opportunity to begin a new day.

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